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Web Development

Transform Your Online Presence

One of the skilled developers in Kochi

At Ezer Developers, we offer cutting-edge web development services that keep pace with the latest technologies. Our team has extensive experience in building and customizing WordPress websites, and we continuously integrate new features and technologies through HTML5 and WebVR platforms. We specialize in advanced technologies like React/Node.js integration services, providing dynamic sites that engage visitors. As a full-service web development company, we provide expert PHP, HTML5/CSS3, and jQuery development, as well as customized eCommerce solutions that match your brand's style. Our websites feature custom design elements that boost the visual appeal and usability of your business.

At Ezer Developers, we're committed to ensuring that your business not only survives but grows online, achieving new heights of success. Contact us now for top-of-the-line web development services that elevate your brand's online presence.

WordPress Website Development

We develop highly customized WordPress websites that offer the best functionalities and experience across various browsers and devices.

eCommerce Website Developments

We use the latest state-of-art technologies web technologies to develop faster, secure, and reliable e-commerce websites for your business.

Enterprise Website Development

We help you develop customized, and search-engine friendly enterprise websites by tapping into the features offered by modern web technologies.

React/Node.Js Development

Ezer Developers offers a wide array of Node.js/React services such as Node.js website development, support, migration, and maintenance.

Core PHP Website Development

As a part of our website development services, we offer core PHP development services that help you create high-performance and powerful web solutions.

Web Development

Development working process

Planning and Designing

Define purpose, target audience & layout of website. Design color scheme, typography & graphics for website's wireframe.

Development and Coding

Use HTML, CSS & JavaScript to create website functionality, layout & interactivity. Test for bugs & compatibility.

Testing and Deployment

Thoroughly test website for functionality, compatibility & usability. Deploy on web server, configure for SEO if necessary.
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Feature-Packed Website Development Services

Not only will we create a website that meets your business goals and vision, but we will also ensure that it is Generating Result.

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I wish I would have thought of it first. Ezer Developers is the most tech valuable business resource we have ever purchased. Dude your stuff is the bomb!

Smriti Ben

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Why Choose Our Website Development Services?

Highly Talented Web Developers

Our team of web developers are highly skilled, with the right technical knowledge and experience required to build a website that offers a unique and engaging experience to your customers.Highly Talented Web Developers

Search Engine Optimized Websites

We provide search engine optimized websites, allowing your site to rank high in search results. We design, build and maintain a strong presence on the internet to help you get found by millions of potential customers worldwide.


We offer cost-effective website development services to clients across the globe. Our prices are specially crafted so that you and your business can benefit from our expertise, reliability and quality.

Most Modern Technologies

We use the latest technologies to build highly optimized and feature-rich websites for your business. We also provide improvements to your existing website, adding new features and functionality where necessary.

Time-bound Projects

We design and develop websites that are time-bound. This means that your site will be completed within the specified timeframe, which is discussed at the start of the project.

Clean Coding Practice

We follow clean coding practices by which we make sure to writes codes that are easy to understand, change and are bug-free. This helps us in ensuring that our code is well structured, relevant and consistent.


Some pre questions and answers

Do you design illustration website?

Yes we do!

Do you provide design source file after finish work?

Yes! After the entire procedure has been completed, and in accordance with the service agreement, we will provide you with the source code.

How to provide project details and payments?

Whether you prefer to call us or fill out the contact form, we're here to guide you every step of the way to ensure you get the best possible service from us.

Can you tell me please how to contact for project?

Contact us through any of our social media platforms or fill out the contact form to get in touch. For immediate assistance, feel free to call us or send a text message via WhatsApp.

Do you makes custom logo, icon etc?

Yes, we design logos tailored to your brand personality with the best meaningful options available, using techniques such as hand-drawn or your preferred method. Contact us for perfect customization of your logo.

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